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The Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards is a national platform that recognizes and celebrates excellence and innovation in the field of ICT/Digital in Qatar & the wider region. It serves as an initiative to promote entrepreneurship & support the growth of digital startups in the country. Qatar University (QU), the Center for Entrepreneurship & Organizational Excellence (CEOE), at the College of Business and Economics hosted the Award in partnership with regional consulting and technology firm HyperThink Systems. The QEA awards ceremony aims to recognize the growing startup ecosystem in Qatar and the prominent local entrepreneurs and promising startups in the country. The awards are important to encourage more innovation and to realize the potential of entrepreneurs in Qatar.

2023 Awards Recap

Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 - Winners

Entrepreneur of the year

Khalifa Al Haroon is the CEO of ILoveQatar.net and the ILQ Network, known for its popular websites and YouTube channels like QTips and RaqamiTV. He also owns Store 974, Qatar's premier gaming pc store, and founded Geek Street to support gamers and entrepreneurs.

Health-Tech Startup of the year

At Home Doc innovates in health tech, focusing on accessibility and responsiveness to Qatar's healthcare needs. Their approach integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, offering telemedicine and at-home healthcare. Their digital solutions enhance accessibility, reduce reliance on hospital visits, and boost confidence in digital healthcare.

Startup of the year

Bonocle revolutionizes entertainment and education for the visually impaired with inclusive platforms. They offer accessible games and educational apps tailored to blind individuals, promoting skill development and social interaction. Bonocle's innovative hardware and software solutions utilize advanced technologies like VR/AR and motion sensors for immersive experiences.

Fintech Startup of the year

C Wallet Services WLL is an award-winning Fintech startup licensed by Qatar Central Bank, enabling users to conduct online and offline transactions and send money anytime, anywhere. Aligned with United Nations ESG goals, CWallet promotes financial inclusion and literacy by advocating for a cashless society that leaves no one behind.

Social Entrepreneur of the year

Innovation Cafe has made significant strides in social impact through various initiatives. Serving as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and community empowerment, the cafe facilitated numerous workshops and classes, benefiting hundreds of individuals. Collaborations with organizations like Qatar Charity, Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), Naseem Healthcare, and Malomatia have furthered its impact.

Green-Tech/ Sustainability Startup of the year

Torba Market has been established in response to the growing demand for organic, chemical-free food products in Qatar. Its mission is to promote Qatar-based organic farming and support the nation's future growth. Torba Market has created a distinctive brand aligned with Qatar's Strategic & Sustainability Vision, fostering strategic partnerships with local producers to elevate the visibility of homegrown goods, mindfulness, and wellbeing.

Ecommerce/Delivery Startup of the year.

BuildHop’s B2B Supplier Portal streamlines operations for buyers and suppliers, offering instant access to over 10,000 items. It simplifies transactions, provides smart tools for procurement, and enhances efficiency with custom modules and AI-driven capabilities.

Edu-Tech Startup of the year

Voltaat emerged from a personal need for accessible technological tools during the founders' engineering studies, recognizing the scarcity of modern equipment like robotic components and 3D printers in the region. Observing a growing market demand for these items, Voltaat was established to bridge this gap, initially focusing on providing educational robotics kits.

Women Entrepreneur of the year

Dr. Kholoud Mohammed Abdulla heads GeneDose, a leading startup in pharmacogenomic testing and personalized medication plans. They recently won first place in the Health-Tech category at the ROWAD Hackathon hosted by QDB bank, showcasing their commitment to innovation in healthcare technology. GeneDose's integration of genetic data with clinical information provides tailored treatment strategies, positioning them as leaders in the GCC region.

Green-Tech startup of the year (Regional)

Digital Petroleum is Saudi startup focusing on improving efficiency and sustainability in many industries by reducing the unplanned downtime using artificial intelligent saas platform.

Deep-Tech startup of the year.

Cytomate is recognized as the first offensive cybersecurity company in the MENA region, known for developing advanced cybersecurity solutions for threat intelligence and security posture analysis through its dedicated research and development team.

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